Lost Between Pages

I love to read. I tend to read more fiction versus nonfiction. I have a goal to read as many books as I can before the year is up. I like to challenge myself and I also like to discover books that I never would've picked up in the first place. I prefer real books, but lately I have become obsessed with how easy it is to download an ebook on my kindle.

Rush (The Breathless Trilogy #1)

Rush - Maya Banks So this was another knock off of 50 Shades of Grey.It was just ok. Definitely made me blush more than 50.
City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare This was horrible. I finished it but it was torture.
City of Bones - Cassandra Clare update: re-read 02/15/2013 through 03/12/2013i re-read this book because i have this sudden desire to read all the books on my shelves before i go to the library and get some more to read. i know that i've read this one back in 2009 and when i purchased the first one i had also bought the second one in the series, hence me re-reading the first one again.sad to say, that even after a few years have gone by, i am still able to safely concur with the review i wrote 4 years ago. i ended up putting this book down for awhile and reading other books in between this one (i always feel like i'm cheating on a book when i do that). so in this strange predicament that i've found myself in, i'm going to continue on with this series, just so i can say "yes i've read these two books, but don't want to show them off on my shelf." i may end up giving these two books away. hopefully they will be more enjoyable for someone else...and now i see from the goodreads page that it's going to be a movie. eeeeewwwwww.end of update originally read September 24, 2009 Um, yeah, so this was a totally different world to just be plunged right into. This was the first YA book that I have read since reading the Twilight Saga, which I absolutely loved!! And because Stephenie Meyer recommended this series, Mortal Instruments, I picked the first one and the second one in the series up.I have to say that I kept constantly comparing it to Harry Potter and Twilight. Even throughout the book, I was like that's not what werewolves do, and vampires don't do that! Also all the magic and the runes it was like this COULD be a good story if she wasn't so similar to HP or Twilight.I was drawn in in the first couple of pages of reading it in the bookstore and then when I got home and read about a 100 more pages into it, it felt like it was just plodding on. I was getting bored with the short synapse of what was actually happening. The sentence structure and just dialogue overall was way too teen-bopperish for me. I felt like I had grown up from YA while reading this.It finally started to pick up around page 206 when that quote "that to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed" really hit a nerve. I was so captivated by that quote and could not stop thinking about it. That's when it started to get good. Unfortunately that was the best this book was going to get for me.I hated that I guessed the end and later was completely grossed out that Jace and Clary (hate that nickname for her btw!) had hooked up and had a completely romantic first kiss and was starting to develop a love relationship (that was totally cheering on!). They ended up being brother and sister and that incest just totally turned me off.I don't like how she left this book either. I know it's a series, but I was pissed off more than intrigued to read the next installment in this series. Oh well. I'm definitely going to wait to read the next book. I hope that Clary grows up a little bit more in the next book though.I feel like she has potential to be a great character, just stop comparing to every other "mundane" out there.
The Blood Gospel LP: The Order of the Sanguines Series - James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell So you'd think that I would absolutely LOVE this book considering it's James Rollins and vampires, right? Well....There was just SO much in this book I don't know where to begin. The story was amazingly portrayed, lots of action scenes, but after awhile I felt it just droned on. Like let's write it up guys....First time reading a book in large print by the way, and the only reason was because I didn't want to wait to get the regular copy from the library, I wanted it now.There was a lot more gore in this novel than in any other novel of Rollins'. I did not like the parts where they were fighting with the bear, Ursa. Not usually his style to go into the hurting of animals.You could totally tell that the "love scenes" in this book were not done by Rollins. I don't know if I like this pairing of authors. I've never read her, but it feels like whatever she contributed could have easily been pulled from any other author who wrote vampire books or looked up on Wikipedia.I liked it, I liked where it could lead, but there was just too much in between-ness from the boy Tommy and what was happening with the "main" characters. Usually Rollins flips back and forth more often. I have a feeling that was due to this second author being the writing portion of it that a lot of his ideas got cut.Also, this is the first of his novels that I was able to comfortably set down for more than 10 minutes...that should speak volumes.Bottomline: Want more, craving more, but ditch the second author. She's holding you back, Rollins!
Every Secret Thing - Laura Lippman And I give up. Don't care enough to continue reading. I have read FOUR other books while trying to complete this one. Ended up reading the spoiler reviews on here and sad to say that I just didn't really care.The only reason I picked up this book was because I heard they were turning it into a movie. Dear God, I hope not.
The Book of Lies - Brad Meltzer So this wasn't as good as the other Brad Meltzer books I have read; and I have only read the Beecher series thus far (so really only 2 books).I read this in one sitting, pretty quick read. Like his style of writing still.Don't get me wrong, the possibility of the comic Superman and the ancient story of Cain and Abel tied together? It had me intrigued; how the heck was Meltzer going to tie those together. The story at times was kind of blah. I actually preferred learning the history of Superman, Thule, and the book of truth.Not the best book ever, but made me think. I kind of want to read more about the beginning of comic books, just to see the behind the story kind of thing.And the Siegel family. What a shame to not get anything after selling the rights to Superman for like $124! That poor family.
Savages - Don Winslow This was just ok for me.I have been on this kick lately, where I want to read the book before I see the movie. Well this is one of those times where the book is supposed to be better than the movie...I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm guessing it's better than this book.Don't get me wrong; all the etymology was great and entertaining. But this was just not my cup of tea. Learning about the drug cartel and pot is just not what I wanted to read about.I knew that the basis of the book had to deal with drugs, a kidnapping, and Mexicans. I did not know that would be the entire focus of the book. So then why read it, if I knew what it was going to be about? Because I wanted to watch the movie, and at the end of it be able to say "the book was better." I have a feeling that in this case that won't happen.The ending, or at least near the ending is where everything started to pick up. It got really intense, but then ended too quickly. There was so much backstabbing going on I couldn't keep up.I felt the rest of the book could have been reduced or trimmed in the editing department. I wanted more action and less talk about selling drugs, describing drugs. I like the build up of the characters and getting to know them. These kind of endings piss me off. The way that the author leaves you hanging; look, you hooked me and stringed me along all this way, the least you could have done was given it to me straight. Did they all die or just Ben? I mean I understood that they all shot up 3 vials of morphine each, but I hate assuming at the end of novels. And no this is not a series, so he really does just leave you hanging with your own imagination. That's not how this story was supposed to end. He gave it to me straight throughout the ENTIRE book and this is the garbage you leave me with?? Thanks Don for the disappointment!Bottomline: This book could have been better. Very imaginative with his diction and etymology.
The Fifth Assassin - Brad Meltzer I really enjoyed this novel. I like Beecher, the main character.I love the speed of Meltzer's writing and the flow of information transpired between all of the characters.I have probably recommended this book to a lot of people who are either really going to like this series or just think it's another conspiracy thriller.Well, I like conspiracy thrillers. I especially like them when they tie in history and show "proof" along with it. And I really like them when I can enjoy the banter between the characters in the book. It breathes life in them and makes it seem all that more real.I am going to pick up more of Meltzer's books now. This was only my second one.

The Perfect Hope (Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #3)

The Perfect Hope - Nora Roberts I really just wanted to read this book so I could put all these characters to rest and never have to wonder what if again. I was disappointed with the background story of the ghost. And I was actually really disappointed that Ryder's story was not the best. No more Nora Roberts for me.Quote page 124: "You give some people a canteen in the desert when they're dying of thirst, they'll botch that the water's not wet enough."
The Inner Circle - Brad Meltzer So my husband, who NEVER reads! eek!, wanted me to pick up the new [a:Brad Meltzer|14610|Brad Meltzer|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1310673085p2/14610.jpg] book, [b:The Fifth Assassin|14889776|The Fifth Assassin|Brad Meltzer|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1355109455s/14889776.jpg|20386276]. He said that he saw it and then later on heard about it from someone else that it was really good. We both like those kind of movies that have to deal with America's hidden secrets and what have you. I also like to figure out clues along the way with the main characters like these types of books. I don't like to be left in the dark with important information, so to know that the main character, in this case Beecher, and I are figuring it out side by side makes me feel a part of the heroism in the book is shared between us. I know that's speaking highly of myself, but I did figure out one of the characters in the book even before Beecher did...I have to say that this was the first book that I've ever read by Brad Meltzer and I am truly impressed. I loved the fact that he had "short" chapters, but I was still riveted and intrigued with what was going on with the story. The flow of the book was perfect. There was never a dull moment. I was always itching to turn the next page and the book just was over before I knew it. I am definitely going to pick up the next in the series. The only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars was because I felt like the ending could have been more....I don't know. There was something missing I feel. I don't know how to describe it. But still..I want to know what happens and how Beecher is going to figure it all out.
Dare Me - Megan Abbott Totally predicted the ending. Kind of a sad, realistic story. Are girls really like this nowadays?Disappointed with Megan Abbott. Expected more from her.
Iced - Karen Marie Moning 1.5 starsI'm sooooo glad that I did NOT buy this book.I am sorely disappointed with what KMM has done. I want Mac back. I never liked Dani's POV and I am so sick of this pedophile atmosphere that she has created with these men and her. Can we say "ew"?Why couldn't KMM use her brain and have kept Dani and Christian in Faery for at least 3 or 4 or even 5 years!? Then it would not be so gross, borderline, but not entirely gross. Only gone one month. Really? That's the best you can do?? SMH For one, Ryodan will never be Barrons. Not going to happen. Two, Christian, oh Christian I even had a soft spot for you when you came along with Mac. Three, Dancer...I wonder what your secret is that even Kat can't detect or see/feel through you. Four, Cruce and Kat just need to get over themselves. And her soul mate Sean, I'm sorry but just more needless cowpie than this book needed to have.This whole book stood on one thing for me: the world that KMM created and how I missed it. Now that she has officially ruined it and these characters, I hope she can come to realize that what her fans really want are Mac and Barrons. Just deliver what the people want KMM. It'll be good for us all.And we please just tell us what Barrons and Ryodan and Lor are? I mean it's 6 books into this world and we still don't know what the feck they are! See what I did there? I hate Dani.
Hopeless - Colleen Hoover The beginning of this book was awesome. I thought I was really going to enjoy it.And then it just took a turn for the worst. I didn't like how things ended up getting so dark. I did finish it because I wanted to see how Colleen was going to tie it altogether.And to be honest I didn't know that she also wrote Slammed; I read a free sample of it on my Kindle Fire and even that one was just meh. I think I will stop reading this author; she builds it up so much, and then at the middle I'm like..."should I continue?" The end comes along and I'm always thinking "I should just have stopped reading this."It was a beautiful cover of the book though..
Avoiding Responsibility - K.A. Linde I don't know how many stars to give this one. I am so conflicted on how I feel. There were so many times that I wanted to smack Lexi upside the head because her PAGES of inner monologue were killing it for me.I still say that book 1 was the better of the two. I loved book 1.I really didn't see all much into Ramsey; I actually liked him better in the first one. There just really wasn't much to his character. I know others out there are shooting daggers my way, but I secretly still want Lexi and Jack to end up together.And I'm sorry, but if that Mystery Man didn't mean that much to her, why the heck was she still texting him? Still seeing him? Still thinking about him?There were too many lies in this book. Ramsey's back story didn't interest me, just annoyed me. Too much drama, like way too much drama. I think Lexi needs to stay away from the whole entire Bridges family.The ending was just so-so. I wasn't all that impressed with the way things ended. Kind of wanted Lexi and Jack to make out, and then run away from the wedding. That's what I was expecting. Not her kneeing him in the balls.There are plenty of other reviews on here that I've "liked" so you can see my opinion on this book from them. I don't want to keep ranting about it because honestly this book just gave me a headache. Wasn't worth staying up late for....Bottomline: Disappointed. Should have just re-read the first one again.
Insight (Insight, #1) - Jamie Magee (this was free on amazon for my kindle.)i hated it, but had to see what happened. now i hate it even more.
Seconds Away - Harlan Coben I love Harlan Coben. That's all.