Entwined with You - Sylvia Day

Sylvia Day is a bitch.

There I said it.

Honestly, WTF was she thinking? She told us and led us all to believe that this would be a trilogy. NOPE. Totally screwed us over! And not the way that we like it! UGH!

There was just so much CRAP in this one.

Spoilers ahead...Don't read the next paragraph!

(view spoiler)[ So now their married and Cary is going to have a baby. For as long as Eva was complaining about not waiting to get married, and saying it was too fast, she countered herself every second. "I love him so much, I need him, I can't imagine my life with him" and then she would go on dates with other guys or meet up with them like it was no big deal, but as soon as she saw Gideon with another woman her jealously was so abundantly clear to everyone that she should just marry him and be done it. Eva really annoyed me in this one. Victor Reyes, her dad, found out about was Nathan did to her, since it's public record now that he's dead. And supposedly someone from the Russian mob killed him?? Um what? Day never explained the ending to that one.]


END of Spoilers

There were so many sex scenes in this one. I was just tired of them. And no, not that way. I was really bored of them, to the point of skimming over them.

I feel like this is a total rip off of 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. Day stole all the ideas from that book. She used to be her own person, but now I understand that she's just in it for the money.

Bottom line: I don't think I will be reading anymore of Sylvia Day. She cash cowed out. Very disappointed.