I feel like this is taking much too long importing all my books from goodreads.com. Plus, not all of my reviews from goodreads have been loaded along with them. *Sigh*


I am disheartened to hear that they were bought by Amazon, but have not personally been affected by it. (None of my reviews have been deleted....at least as far as I know...)


Back to the importing...I know that one day it will get done, and I will feel as if I finally have a handle on this website. But there seems to be things that should be much easier. For instance, when you add a book to your shelf, you should be able to mark it as read, pick your shelves and then immediately begin typing your review. Not having to select "add text."


Like I've said before in other posts, I am new to this website, so please, any tips/tricks/tomfoolery would be gladly accepted and appreciated.


I'm not used to this interface and would like to be better. :)