Sisterland - Curtis Sittenfeld Yuck.This was horrible.I love the idea of twins, I even want them someday, just ask my husband I talk about it all the time! And then the fact that this book had psychic twins?! Uh, duh yeah! I wanted to read it.But this book...just YUCK! I had to finish it to know what happened, but seriously I just don't care.This read more like a day to day life than I ever wanted to hear about. I read books to escape my day to day life, not read about someone else cleaning up baby poop or doing laundry. Yawn. The fact that she cheated on her husband, got pregnant, knew it wasn't going to be her husband's baby and kept it just made me really hate Daisy/Kate. She was always trying to be something she wasn't and I hated that fakeness. But then this happened and it really cemented my hatred for her. I even hated Vi. I could not stand her; I thought she was really selfish, annoying, and just a spoiled brat who always mooched off her identical twin sister and never took anything seriously. Bottom line: I hated this book. Wish I would've never picked it up. Glad I didn't waste a lot of time on it - lots of skimming.