The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel - Neil Gaiman, Neil Gaiman Neil Gaiman is just not for me folks!I was recommended this book by Amazon and GoodReads and let me tell ya, this was a bitter disappointment.It's a really short book, more like an exaggerated short story with nice binding, so it only took one sitting to get through.I just cannot for the life of me ever relate to what is going on in his books or to his characters. There's always so many questions unanswered and left to your own imagination. The problem with that in his style of writing, IMO, is that it's his fricking imagination that I'm paying for, that I'm looking for! That's why I picked up YOUR book. If I wanted to dream up a world, I would do it. But I would know why things the way they are and be able to not leave big gaping holes of nothing along the plot lines. Bottom line: I just always feel cheated whenever I read a Neil Gaiman book; I never get the full story. I'm always left wondering and never wanting more.