Inferno - Dan Brown Oh Dan Brown. How you've disappointed me.I was so looking forward to this book. Italy, Dante's Inferno, possible outbreak of plague. You all know how I love me some viruses.Sadly, this book was just so cliché. So predictable. So LONG.I usually fly threw his books fairly quickly, usually about a day if that. But this one took me 5 days. I kept putting it down. I kept getting BORED.I love back story, I love learning about the symbols and architecture. But this book went WAY too much into details about all the places as opposed to the fast paced reading that I'm used to for Dan Brown. I felt like all those people he mentioned in the beginning, in the acknowledgements section, got their credit due to them. All this information, information over load, about Italy, which I love, but this was so consuming. I was suffocated. I don't care about the buildings in the middle of a high speed chase seen. The whole story...was interesting, but and that's a big BUT there, it could not hold my attention like his other books could.I wanted more, expected more, and didn't get what I wanted. Long wait time on this book...should have not gone into it expecting so much.Bottom line: Typical Dan Brown book, but nothing ever compares to [b:The Da Vinci Code|968|The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon, #2)|Dan Brown||2982101].