Silenced: A Novel (Frederika Bergman) - Kristina Ohlsson First of all, when I picked this up from the library in the "new" mystery section, the inside of this book only showed one other book that this author has written with NO indication that this was a series. Even when I was reading the book, it did not reference anything out of the ordinary that pertained to another book until 250 pages in!Needless to say, this was like pulling teeth for me. I understand that this was set in Stockholm, Sweden and various other major cities around the globe, i.e. Bangkok Thailand, but the names, places, and people were all a bit dodgy for me. I never really connected with any of them.They all had their own individual scenarios they were dealing with and the only thing that related them all together was this "special unit" within their police force, which later on ended up only being made up of 2 people at the end!Frederika, I mean really? In love with a man 25 years her senior, with a baby on the way? That relationship was so messed up. This whole story line was so messed up. Everything about this book was so trivial and hard to follow at times. Can you tell that the more I write about it, the more I hate it?I had to finish it though, to see how the ending played out. And even that was sub par, just like the rest of the book. I mean, was I really expecting anything less? I guess not.This author was NOT for me. These characters were NOT for me. This book was NOT for me.Bottom line: There was really no "mystery" or suspense. It was another television cop show, that just took place in Sweden so all the names were alike for the bad guys. I kept getting them confused. The only character that was slightly interesting was Joar, but then he left this special unit so it was like OMG! I give up..So glad it's over and never have to think of any part of this ever again.