Six Years - Harlan Coben Dear HC,Oh Harlan. You know you're my favorite author. But I have to admit, I was sorely disappointed with this one. Don't get me wrong; you sucked me in with the first 100 pages or so of the novel. But it just got to the point where I wanted you to find this mysteriously perfect, love of your life Natalie. I wanted to love her like you did. I only got glimpses of past lovingly things. Why did she have to wait so long to make an appearance? Why did it take so long to find her?And excuse me, what was the time frame that you haven't spoken to Natalie? Six years. When was the last time you heard from her? Six years. Seen her? Six...years. haven't seen her since when? SIX YEARS! Oh. I see. Seriously? I get it. The title was perfectly chosen because you just had to say it ONE MORE TIME.Like a true Coben fan, I feverishly read through it, burning the pages as I go, because I was reading so fast. I have to admit that I did have to set it down to go to sleep, even though I really didn't want to. (Work gets in the way of life/reading sometimes.) Alas, I was not as satisfied as I usually am with your novels. I feel like the pursuit of the chase, the "foreplay" if you will, was so long and tiring, that the "climax" was just a dudd. You did however cuddle afterwards, in the sense that, you wrapped it up nicely with a bow. Not your best; I've had better. But you will always be my favorite.Yours always, MichelleP.S. Please go to back Myron and Win. At least let Win have more of a spotlight in Mickey's life. And not just a pop in, save the day kind of situation. Win deserves to shine, especially all that he sacrificed.