The Blood Gospel LP: The Order of the Sanguines Series - James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell So you'd think that I would absolutely LOVE this book considering it's James Rollins and vampires, right? Well....There was just SO much in this book I don't know where to begin. The story was amazingly portrayed, lots of action scenes, but after awhile I felt it just droned on. Like let's write it up guys....First time reading a book in large print by the way, and the only reason was because I didn't want to wait to get the regular copy from the library, I wanted it now.There was a lot more gore in this novel than in any other novel of Rollins'. I did not like the parts where they were fighting with the bear, Ursa. Not usually his style to go into the hurting of animals.You could totally tell that the "love scenes" in this book were not done by Rollins. I don't know if I like this pairing of authors. I've never read her, but it feels like whatever she contributed could have easily been pulled from any other author who wrote vampire books or looked up on Wikipedia.I liked it, I liked where it could lead, but there was just too much in between-ness from the boy Tommy and what was happening with the "main" characters. Usually Rollins flips back and forth more often. I have a feeling that was due to this second author being the writing portion of it that a lot of his ideas got cut.Also, this is the first of his novels that I was able to comfortably set down for more than 10 minutes...that should speak volumes.Bottomline: Want more, craving more, but ditch the second author. She's holding you back, Rollins!