The Book of Lies - Brad Meltzer So this wasn't as good as the other Brad Meltzer books I have read; and I have only read the Beecher series thus far (so really only 2 books).I read this in one sitting, pretty quick read. Like his style of writing still.Don't get me wrong, the possibility of the comic Superman and the ancient story of Cain and Abel tied together? It had me intrigued; how the heck was Meltzer going to tie those together. The story at times was kind of blah. I actually preferred learning the history of Superman, Thule, and the book of truth.Not the best book ever, but made me think. I kind of want to read more about the beginning of comic books, just to see the behind the story kind of thing.And the Siegel family. What a shame to not get anything after selling the rights to Superman for like $124! That poor family.