Savages - Don Winslow This was just ok for me.I have been on this kick lately, where I want to read the book before I see the movie. Well this is one of those times where the book is supposed to be better than the movie...I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm guessing it's better than this book.Don't get me wrong; all the etymology was great and entertaining. But this was just not my cup of tea. Learning about the drug cartel and pot is just not what I wanted to read about.I knew that the basis of the book had to deal with drugs, a kidnapping, and Mexicans. I did not know that would be the entire focus of the book. So then why read it, if I knew what it was going to be about? Because I wanted to watch the movie, and at the end of it be able to say "the book was better." I have a feeling that in this case that won't happen.The ending, or at least near the ending is where everything started to pick up. It got really intense, but then ended too quickly. There was so much backstabbing going on I couldn't keep up.I felt the rest of the book could have been reduced or trimmed in the editing department. I wanted more action and less talk about selling drugs, describing drugs. I like the build up of the characters and getting to know them. These kind of endings piss me off. The way that the author leaves you hanging; look, you hooked me and stringed me along all this way, the least you could have done was given it to me straight. Did they all die or just Ben? I mean I understood that they all shot up 3 vials of morphine each, but I hate assuming at the end of novels. And no this is not a series, so he really does just leave you hanging with your own imagination. That's not how this story was supposed to end. He gave it to me straight throughout the ENTIRE book and this is the garbage you leave me with?? Thanks Don for the disappointment!Bottomline: This book could have been better. Very imaginative with his diction and etymology.