The Inner Circle - Brad Meltzer So my husband, who NEVER reads! eek!, wanted me to pick up the new [a:Brad Meltzer|14610|Brad Meltzer|] book, [b:The Fifth Assassin|14889776|The Fifth Assassin|Brad Meltzer||20386276]. He said that he saw it and then later on heard about it from someone else that it was really good. We both like those kind of movies that have to deal with America's hidden secrets and what have you. I also like to figure out clues along the way with the main characters like these types of books. I don't like to be left in the dark with important information, so to know that the main character, in this case Beecher, and I are figuring it out side by side makes me feel a part of the heroism in the book is shared between us. I know that's speaking highly of myself, but I did figure out one of the characters in the book even before Beecher did...I have to say that this was the first book that I've ever read by Brad Meltzer and I am truly impressed. I loved the fact that he had "short" chapters, but I was still riveted and intrigued with what was going on with the story. The flow of the book was perfect. There was never a dull moment. I was always itching to turn the next page and the book just was over before I knew it. I am definitely going to pick up the next in the series. The only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars was because I felt like the ending could have been more....I don't know. There was something missing I feel. I don't know how to describe it. But still..I want to know what happens and how Beecher is going to figure it all out.