Avoiding Responsibility - K.A. Linde I don't know how many stars to give this one. I am so conflicted on how I feel. There were so many times that I wanted to smack Lexi upside the head because her PAGES of inner monologue were killing it for me.I still say that book 1 was the better of the two. I loved book 1.I really didn't see all much into Ramsey; I actually liked him better in the first one. There just really wasn't much to his character. I know others out there are shooting daggers my way, but I secretly still want Lexi and Jack to end up together.And I'm sorry, but if that Mystery Man didn't mean that much to her, why the heck was she still texting him? Still seeing him? Still thinking about him?There were too many lies in this book. Ramsey's back story didn't interest me, just annoyed me. Too much drama, like way too much drama. I think Lexi needs to stay away from the whole entire Bridges family.The ending was just so-so. I wasn't all that impressed with the way things ended. Kind of wanted Lexi and Jack to make out, and then run away from the wedding. That's what I was expecting. Not her kneeing him in the balls.There are plenty of other reviews on here that I've "liked" so you can see my opinion on this book from them. I don't want to keep ranting about it because honestly this book just gave me a headache. Wasn't worth staying up late for....Bottomline: Disappointed. Should have just re-read the first one again.