Iced - Karen Marie Moning 1.5 starsI'm sooooo glad that I did NOT buy this book.I am sorely disappointed with what KMM has done. I want Mac back. I never liked Dani's POV and I am so sick of this pedophile atmosphere that she has created with these men and her. Can we say "ew"?Why couldn't KMM use her brain and have kept Dani and Christian in Faery for at least 3 or 4 or even 5 years!? Then it would not be so gross, borderline, but not entirely gross. Only gone one month. Really? That's the best you can do?? SMH For one, Ryodan will never be Barrons. Not going to happen. Two, Christian, oh Christian I even had a soft spot for you when you came along with Mac. Three, Dancer...I wonder what your secret is that even Kat can't detect or see/feel through you. Four, Cruce and Kat just need to get over themselves. And her soul mate Sean, I'm sorry but just more needless cowpie than this book needed to have.This whole book stood on one thing for me: the world that KMM created and how I missed it. Now that she has officially ruined it and these characters, I hope she can come to realize that what her fans really want are Mac and Barrons. Just deliver what the people want KMM. It'll be good for us all.And we please just tell us what Barrons and Ryodan and Lor are? I mean it's 6 books into this world and we still don't know what the feck they are! See what I did there? I hate Dani.