Amazonia - James Rollins Can I give it 2.5 stars?I know that this is an earlier version of Rollins' writing and I knew that going into it. But still, I expected more...There was so much going on in this book, yet it took forever to get anywhere and then the ending just wrapped it up in a pretty bow.I was intrigued to find out what happened and then when I did find out, I was disappointed.***SPOILERS***Some whacked out tree from the prehistoric times still thrived, enslaved people, animals, and plants to its sweet healing nectar, and it made a big hupla of devastating deaths all around.I was truly sad when Manny died. I liked how Rollins kept Tor-Tor alive though. I grew attached to that cat.***End Spoilers!!***There were a LOT of characters in this book. And I feel like some of them were not given the credit that they deserved. It took 300 pages for them to even get there and then the last chapter wrapped everything up in THREE PAGES! The epilogue drove me nuts!!! (Pun intended.)I don't know. Not my favorite of Rollins, and the only reason I snatched it from the library was because it was one of his early pieces and people were raving about how his newer books are no where near as good as his first ones. I'm going to disagree on that one. I love the Sigma Force novels. I feel more attached to ALL of the characters no matter how small of a role they have. This was a beast of a book too. Like I said so much time was taken to just get there and then when they did the description of this huge white barked tree was not as vivid as all the travesties they have to go through. I wanted to know more about the people who lived there, how they practiced normal daily activities, more about this mysterious sap, it cure all for all diseases. I wanted to know more about what happened to Gerald Clark, and Nate's dad. Why weren't we allowed to read more from his journal?? And how the hell did solar panels get on that roof of that log cabin?? And we never found out the "true" meaning of that blue hand print! I already knew who the traitor was well before the whole explosion. I was sick of hearing about caimans and I really wanted Tshui to die more violently. Is that bad of me? And that tree was just f-ed up scary. No thank you. Do not go to this place in the Amazon. Leave it alone people!!!